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From now on, this journal will be flocked. If you want to be added, comment here.

I created a fandom journal, [ profile] deiareads, and it's there that I'll friend authors, artists, communities, etc, from now on. And if I ever go back to writing, making collages, icons, slideshows, etc, it'll go there. My rec lists will be posted there as well.

A few people on my flist were added because I enjoy their writing or art, and I already friended them on the other journal. Those who never friended me back on this one will be unfriended now. As soon as I received an ok from the writers/artists I added on my fandom journal, I'll unfriend them here, unless they want to keep up with my life. If so, please comment here as well, and I'll keep you on both journals.

Anyone is free to friend my fandom journal. I just don't know if I'll post there all that often.
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Title: Discoveries
Disclaimer: Not mine, not making any money of it
Rating: PG
Summary: Remus approached cautiously, one never knew when something would explode when Sirius was hiding.
A/N: many thanks to Laughtrack who was kind enough to offer to beta this story for me

This story was written for BlackLupin's Six Month Fic Challenge

Location: Moaning Myrtle's bathroom, the bottom of the Lake
Objects: wand, foe-glass, pen, two way mirrors (telefone), cauldron, window
Clothing: an old, worn brown leather jacket
Color: blue

 Discoveries )
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Hi, this is [profile] _deia

To make it easier for me, I'm separating my personal journal from my fandom one. This is the one I'll use to friend authors, artists, and communities from now on. I'm flocking my personal journal, but if you want to keep up with my life, comment, and I'll add you.

I hope to one day go back to writing, making icons, collages, slideshows, etc, and then I'll be posting those here as well.

My rec lists will also go here from now on.

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