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Birthdate:Jun 1
Location:Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil
X-Files and Harry Potter addict.

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Who else is love?
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24, aerosmith, alfred hitchcock, allan kardec, anita baker, arcadia, artes, bad blood, black/lupin, brazilian literature, checkmated, chico buarque, chocolate, clyde bruckman, dana scully, david duchovny, desperate housewives, djavan, dvds, emma watson, espiritismo, evanescence, evolution, fan fiction, fanfic, fanfiction, fight the future, filmes, fox mulder, friends, frozen tofutti dreamsicle, full frontal, gary oldman, george benson, gillian anderson, good ship, grey's anatomy, harry potter, hermione, hermione granger, heroes, hitchcock, house, house md, house of d, house of mirth, house/wilson, i want to believe, ice cream, j.k. rowling, jane austen, jealous!sirius, josé de alencar, kill bill, legião urbana, lone gunmen, lord of the rings, lost, lotr, luis fernando verissimo, lupin/black, mediumship, memento mori, monty python, moony, moony/padfoot, movies, mpb, msr, mulder, mulder/scully, musica brasileira, nine lives, pablo picasso, padfoot, padfoot/moony, paper hearts, pearl jam, pencil pushing, photoshop, pintura, pizza, playing by heart, playing god, potterpuffs, puppy love, pusher, r/hr, r/s, raining sleeping bags, reading, redheads, reincarnation, remus, remus lupin, remus/sirius, return to me, rl/sb, rock, ron, ron & hermione, ron weasley, ron/hermione, ronald weasley, rupert grint, s/r, salvador dalí, sb/rl, scully, shakespeare, shippers, shoebox_project, sidekicks, sirius, sirius black, sirius/remus, slash, small potatoes, spiritualism, steven tyler, supernatural, são paulo, teatro, the good ship, the lone gunmen, the mighty, the shoebox project, the simpsons, the unnatural, the x-files, tithonus, tony almeida, tony/michelle, tooms, trust no one, unruhe, vincent van gogh, vinícius de moraes, weasley is my king, web design, wolfstar, x-files, x-files fanfic, xfiles
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